As Disa Automotive, we consider compliance to local and international business ethics principles as a prerequisite in all our business processes and relationships, and consider it one of the milestones of our corporate culture. Business ethics encompasses the set of ethical principles that we put forward to guide our behavior in our business world.


We strictly comply with all laws and regulations. We keep up-to-date with the new laws, regulations and legislation. All our activities are carried out on the basis of legal legislation, articles of association, internal regulations and corporate policies. We have no unregistered activity. The accuracy and consistency of business records are essential.


All of our employees fulfill their responsibilities to protect and develop corporate image and dignity, and to ensure that their personal behavior remains within the legal and general ethical rules. As Disa Automotive employees, we are all responsible for compliance with our ethical policy, all laws and regulations, and all instructions, procedures and regulations prepared by our company.


We communicate openly and honestly. The principles of honesty, trust, consistency, professionalism and respect for mutual interests are observed with all persons and customers, suppliers and all business partners.


We treat each other equally and fairly. Mutual respect, trust and cooperation among employees are essential. We act with our mind, not with our feelings; while being aware of the importance of our business and our responsibility to trust each other.


We protect confidential information about each other, our company and our customers. We keep confidential and trade secret information, personal information of our employees and all customer information against third parties.


We communicate with our customers in a consistent, fair, attentive and sensitive manner. In our products and service, our aim is to provide the best quality while satisfying all our customers' needs and expectations.


We evaluate our suppliers fairly and equally. We do not exchange any kind of gifts. We act with care, respect and kindness in our relations with our suppliers. We describe the requested product and service clearly and in detail. We expect our suppliers to work in accordance with the defined working conditions with specifications, procedures, technical drawings and agreements.


We compete fairly in accordance with the law. We do not engage in behavior that restricts free competition, never dispraise competitors or their products and we do not make misleading advertisements.


We always treat each other fairly and respectfully. We develop trust-based, helpful, sharing and honest relationships. Mutual friendship, respect, trust and cooperation among employees are essential.


We always keep the safety, reliability and quality of our products at the highest level. In our products and service, our aim is to provide the best quality while satisfying all our customers' needs and expectations. Quality is never compromised regardless of the cost.


We pay highest attention to prevent unnecessary waste, nonessential company expenses and act with savings and cost awareness.


To keep the corporate identity and reputation of our company at the highest level and to ensure that the ethical rules are adopted by all employees.


Document no: EP-001-00

Last revision date: 01.03.2018