All departments of Disa Automotive use the ERP system that is developed by Disa's IT team.

All steps of the manufacturing process are planned, controlled and monitored by a corporate-wide computerized network running Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

The capabilities of this system enable Disa factory to meet changing customer demands, and allow the flexibility to design and manufacture parts that are not currently in Disa's portfolio.

Order processing, daily manufacturing, purchasing, assembly and shipment orders including daily production capacities are created, managed and reviewed by the ERP system.

By entering all data such as live SPC (statistical process control) measurement data, production quantities, scrap and rework quantities, operation and stoppage times of the parts produced on the machined, OEE - overall equipment efficiency is tracked by the system.

ERP is also integrated with the supplier and customer orders which allows our business partners to track and follow the live status of their requirements.