As Disa Automotive, we work with many suppliers who are very well-known in their industry, experienced and quality certified.

All suppliers have IATF 16949 or ISO 9001 certificates and experienced in the automotive supply chain.

To manage the supplier orders, technical drawings, specifications, quality performances, agreements, supplier portal that is integrated in Disa ERP system is utilized.

Disa purchasing team continuously visit and monitor the status of the suppliers with periodical quality audits and financial reviews.

Overall supplier performance over the years:

2018: 88%   |   2019: 91%  |   2020: 90%


We source the following process from our suppliers:

Heat Treatment: Induction Hardening, Heat Treatment, Carburizing, Normalization, Tempering, Soft Annealing, Quench Hardening, Nitriding, Oxi-Nitrocarburizing, Hard Chrome Plating

All process are performed and audited in accorandance with CQI-9 requirements.

Coating – Plating: Zinc and Zinc Alloy (ZnNi, ZnFe) (alkali or acidic), Geomet or Deltaprotekt, Electrophoresis, Cataphoresis, Phosphating, Electrostatic Powder (with coating barrels or hanging individual parts)

Periodical tests are performed according to DBL, VW, BMW, Volvo and other requirements to confirm the process, such as:

- Corrosion Test
- Salt Spray Test
- X-ray Coating Thickness Test
- Kesternich Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Test

Forging and Casting: Steel Hot and Cold Forging and Casting

Aluminum Forging and Injection Parts

Plastic and Rubber Components