As Disa Automotive, our main goal within the scope of our environmental policy is to be a competitive company with a high level of quality in the automotive business. While doing all these, we aim to work with healthy employees in a less polluted and safe environment compared to the previous year.

Achieving this goal is possible by;

- Continuous and determined support / participation of top management,

- Working in accordance with customer specifications, laws, regulations, regulations and standards,

- Prevent pollution to air, soil, water and other natural resources and to use these natural resources economically,

- "Continuous Improvement" philosophy to be applicable at all times and by all our departments,

- Preparing a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees with the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System that we have established,

- Providing the necessary resources to provide this environment

As Disa Automotive, we will continuously develop and improve our business in the light of the above-mentioned principles, and to comply with laws, regulations and other conditions.


Document no: CP-001-00

Last revision date: 01.10.2018