Production plant with a safe environment and working under comfortable working conditions is an important element in terms of employee motivation. This approach constitutes the quality level of our work, personal life and health.

With this perspective, establishing and maintaining effective production systems for the benefit of our employees is one of our main responsibilities. Our most important goal is to increase the internal occupational health and safety culture by continuing our trainings in order to fulfill legal requirements and comply with the scope of legislation.

Disa Automotive will always make maximum effort with all its employees to raise the culture of occupational health and safety. Rather than a legal obligation to comply; we approach the work health and safety, as an absolute step in terms of respect to our employees.

With this foundation, as Disa Automotive, we assume the duty of keeping all our employees highly motivated and ensuring that they have a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful working life.


Document no: TAL-066-04

Last revision date: 03.03.2016